Our Team, our Greatest Asset

Founder & CEO

I am Sancler, the creator of this project. Along with all this wonderful team, we are ready to serve you within our abilities in the real estate investment sector.


My name is Patrick. I manage the whole financial system GREI Co. on the services or real estate investments. I’m always ready to serve you, so do not heiste to contact me by email or phone.


Hello! I’m Katherine and I support the commercial department of GREI Co. I am here to fulfill your requests in this department. If there is any doubt of our services or properties, please email me.


I am Anna! The specialist on the marketing department at GREI Co. Our responsbility is push the brand in the convetional marketing and  in the digital market tools. Contact me always you need.


My work is support the hybrid system of GREI Co. Just the partners, members, affiliates and agents can contact. Contact me per e-mail or using the support form. My name is Olek.


My name is Peter and I´m the GREI Co. analist of market. I supply the company with several information about the actual market and future persopective. Please, access our regular report about that.


Hey everybody! I´m Ibraim, the developer of partnership, membership and affiliate program system. Please, access our proposals  and become a part of these magnific company.


Hello! My name is Thomas and I will supply every legal procedure in  every sector – services or proprieties,  for we develope a great job following the correct legal proccess.