Who are we?

GREI Co., LLC is a leading firm specializing in commercial real estate investment sales, financing, research, and advisory services in the United States and around world.
Our platform is one of collaboration, information-sharing, and specialization – those simple methodologies have led to our successful several transactions, and more investment sales transactions than any other partner firm.

Why choose GREI Co., LLC?

A Culture of Collaboration
As a technology pioneer, our state-of-the art communication system connects our agents with thousands of investors. Our culture of information sharing is the foundation for this powerful system, and allows us to match properties with investors who recognize their full value and potential.

Unparalleled Research & Market Intelligence
GREI Co., LLC Research Services division produces more than several reports annually, from publications to national reports and macroeconomic forecasts to submarket outlooks and property analyses. Combined with the real-time intelligence gained from having the industry’s largest transaction volume, clients receive unmatched market intelligence.

Investment Sales & Property Type Specialization
By dedicating all of our focus, resources and training to real estate investment sales and financing, we offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. We offer the industry’s largest sales force of investment specialists who are experts by property type and market.

Agent Training & Professional Development
Our industry-recognized programs focus on developing skills throughout the brokerage continuum and lay the groundwork for a successful career in investment brokerage.
We strive to provide an environment of personal support and training commensurate your level of expertise and experience. We have enhanced the careers of numerous real estate professionals as well as sales professionals from other disciplines through our management support, specialty divisions, cutting-edge tools and market research, as well as our network of established, successful agents.

Non-Competitive Management Structure
Our management team offers invaluable support to agents, including fostering a positive mentor relationship, providing guidance in creating and executing a winning business plan, and sharing market information and insights.
Our managers learned the business as agents, but are no longer in the business of personally brokering investment sales transactions. They are solely focused on enhancing the professional success of their agents.

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